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Little Explorer Baby Shower Brunch (Décor and Games)

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There was never any doubt on how I was going to decorate my baby shower. Lucas and I love to travel, and we hope to pass on the appreciation for the world and different cultures to our son. Now, I'm not a big heavy theme person and I usually prefer to keep things pretty simple. Howeverrr, if I had to give my theme a name, it would probably be "Little explorer".

I started off with the colors I wanted to use, white and Teal. Then added the "Explorer" props such as world maps and Luggage's (Mostly from Hobby Lobby). Initially, these were the only props I wanted, but my party planner and mother in law added some nice ship and airplane accessories that really went great!

My baby shower must haves were the Brunch buffet, Coffee station, Omelet Chefs, and the DJ. 

Who doesn't love a nice Sunday brunch with mimosas and eggs!? ...and a Dj at a baby shower... yes please! I had so much fun dancing to my favorite music (mostly top 40 pop and hip hop) and I think the guests really enjoyed it as well (Besides the elders, lol owell).

My "naked" cake was pretty awesome as well (insert heart eyes emoji) and it was so moist and delicious!! <3 ohhh to have another bite!

We were in a pretty tight venue, so I asked my mother in law to prepare games that were more "team friendly", games that could be played as a team at each table.

1. Memory game: Each team/table was quickly flashed a pattern of random items and the goal was to re-create it as closely as possible. The team/table with the closest to the original pattern was the winner. The prize was raffled within the team members. I was surprised how involved everyone was :)!.

2. Musical balloons: Exactly like musical chairs but adapted for a smaller space and more people. One balloon was passed around each member of the table until the music stops until one person is left. This is a super competitive and fun game that everyone enjoyed!

3. My favorite was the feeding game:  5 teams of couples were recruited. The goal was for the "dad" to feed the mom baby food as fast as possible. Once complete, the "mom" has to nurse the dad as fast as possible. Fastest couple to finish feeding wins :) So funny to watch!!

4. Balloon pop: Another 5 teams of couples were selected. Balloons were strapped onto one of the partners and the other partner had to try to pop the balloons (Without hands). Fastest couple to pop all balloons wins :)! 

A lot of our gifts were "travel" themed like towels, travel case sets, and even a selfie stick.

Needless to say, I had an amazing baby shower! I am so happy and thankful to share and document my shower with anyone looking for ideas, or for me to look back to in the future. We are so happy and excited to celebrate the coming of our little one!!

P.s. How handsome is my husband!? Wait, Don't answer that. #Mine

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