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When you're pregnant.... A lot of people will upset you.

Luana Cardenas5 Comments

Uno. You just discovered your creating a human, and it's kind of a big deal. This type of news kind of shakes your world (especially if it was unexpected). This type of news, makes you happy, confused, nervous and excited all at the same time... It changes your life! So while you are in this awesome crazy roller coaster trying to figure things out... Everyone is just like "Yawnnn, awesome I have to go wash my hair now". lol ok, maybe that was a little harsh,   but everyone IS carrying on with their lives! I know that as mature adults, we understand that people do mean the best, but damn wouldn't we just like them to show it a little more? By "them" I mean family and "friends" you thought would be a little more.. idk involved, at least emotionally idk. I actually found strangers and random people to show more excitement for me. It's quite alright though, because I'm a big girl (kinda), and my awesome 3 are always by my side (Mum, dad, and my awesome husband Lucas). Shout out to the single moms because they are soldiers.

Dos. People will give you mad opinions and really lay their beliefs on thick and put you down if you disagree. Woooah sista, because we have different opinions, does not mean that you are right or that I am right. It just means we have different opinions. How about those people who think they just know EVERYTHING. Uhm hello!? You don't know everything, and what's right for you may not be right for me. Howeverrr, we just have to nod politely and try to change the subject as discretely as possible. You must learn to do this like a boss.

Why errthang gotta be controversy? jeez.

Tres. People have told me time and time again not to share my baby name before it is finally decided or even until the baby is born. I understand why, and mostly kept it to myself (In the beggining)... But some did not have the best reaction to "Solomon". Ok let's be real, this is an awesomely strong, powerful, unique, biblical, and just flipping amazing name. Everyone is jealous they didn't think of it before. Just listen... "Doctor Solomon Cardenas... CEO Solomon Cardenas...Professor Solomon Cardenas...President Solomon Cardenas ....Walmart's cashier Solomon Cardenas (Who gives a rat's culito!?) I picked a damn good name :)! Every time I hear someone say it out loud, I fall even more in love with my little one :). Hey you mean people, just be nice to momma's ok!?

Four. (Four is too hard to spell in Spanish.) some people are just so plain retarded and dumb that I can't even come up with the words to complete this bullet. Let's move along.

Hey, but you know what!? Some people may surprise you. I love hearing positive words from family or even customers at work saying how beautiful I look, and how I have the "glow". These are very nice things to say to a prego :). I have even shared some nice conversation with like minded people and it's so nice to feel some support from a mommy community. It's so nice to embrace the different phases of life. It's even nice when people read my blog and tell me that it actually didn't suck that bad! Oh the joy!! 

Bottom line... I just want to enjoy every second of Solomon inside my belly and promise myself  not to let anymore people get me down. My baby makes me happy and therefore, sometimes I want to share that happiness. Or sometimes I want to punch someone in the throat. Either way, let me be me people, and can I just get an amen.


Can any other momma's relate?! If not, this post is awkward.