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My IVF Abroad Timeline

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When I was researching IVF abroad, there wasn't much information out there. So I though I'd make a little timeline for whomever may be considering it :).

Firstly, I'd like to say that the main reason we chose to do IVF/ICSI in Colombia because 21 years ago, my mother in law had a successful IVF cycle with a wonderful doctor in Medellin, Colombia. When we were ready to pull the trigger (See what I did there), we were ecstatic to find that the same doctor was at the same clinic! And knew right away who we were going to do our cycle with.

Secondly, I hate to admit but price was definitely a factor. My husband will even argue that this is actually the first reason why we chose to do IVF abroad. We are regular good' ol' working class citizens. Im 26, my husband is 27....Spending 15-20k on IVF/ICSI in the U.S was just not an option (But more on that in another post).

Why we Decided on IVF (with ICSI)

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Precisely on Solomon’s birthday on August 29th, we had just gotten back from a cruise to the Bahamas. We decided to go on a little get away to escape the real world as I “celebrated” one year without being with my son. Although something truly terrible happened to our family, we have come such a long way, I have conquered so much. I have learned what it means to truly humble yourself and surrender to God... a lesson I am still learning and living every single day.

May TTC Update and Personsal Trainer Experience

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Since my last TTC update, I accepted the fact that working out does not come naturally to me. I accepted the fact that I love Brazilian food, which consists of a lot of rice, meat and bread (A shit load of bread)... and butter... and cheese (Lots of cheese). Anyway, The first step to fixing the problem is to admit that you have one, amirate? So, "Hello, my name is Luana, and I'm a carboholic." 

April TTC Update

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So I know I've been neglecting the blog lately. There hasn’t been anything to write about. And I would be lying if I said my spirits haven’t been a little depleted. This waiting to get pregnant game is not fun anymore and my “Get fit for pregnancy” fire has been completely put out. I mean, not even a little spark. It is so hard to stay active when you absolutely hate working out. Im disappointed I'm still struggling with this knowing that working out directly benefits my chances of me getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I don't know what is wrong with me sometimes.

March TTC Update

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Last month, my GI doctor added a new medication to my already handful of drugs and proceeded to tell me the worst thing a TTC mommy can possibly hear, (Queue dramatic shark Music)… “I recommend you wait three more months”. Hold up, I have to wait longer?! Hmm, nope. This is not fair! When the doctor laid it down for me I just broke down and literally bursted into tears. I just exploded. I couldn't contain the ugly cry face either. It was almost embarrassing. 

What could the Zika virus mean for TTC Mothers?

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Before loosing my Solomon, I always thought I was invincible. Turns out, I am sorry to have realized the reality that babies can and do indeed die, or in this case, be born with a terrible mental and physical condition such as microcephaly.

This horrible pandemic hits particularly close to home for me due to my experience of the deception of a failed pregnancy. From understanding the darkness of loosing a child, I can understand the worry of a mother pregnant in the heavily affected areas.

TMI List and Baby Dust

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So I’m on my third cycle of trying to conceive, and well… it has obviously been a fail because I am not pregnant smh. Henceforth, to keep my self motivated and positive (It’s the only way to get pregnant amirite?), I decided to make a list of all the things I have going for me. Making lists can really put things into perspective and it turns out my ttc journey hasn't all all been downhill.


    We're Expecting!

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    Hi Friends! This week has been such a special week for Lucas and I. Other than celebrating the new year, Lucas turned 27 and we also got to celebrate our seven year wedding anniversary! I am so happy to have come this far. Marriage isn't easy, but choosing to spend my life with Lucas has been the best decision I have ever made. He has taught me to love the world and I don't care how cliché this is about to sound but he makes me a better person. So without any further ado, Lucas and I are expecting!