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May TTC Update and Personsal Trainer Experience

Luana Cardenas6 Comments

Since my last TTC update, I accepted the fact that working out does not come naturally to me. I accepted the fact that I love Brazilian food, which consists of a lot of rice, meat and bread (A shit load of bread)... and butter... and cheese (Lots of cheese). Anyway, The first step to fixing the problem is to admit that you have one, amirate? So, "Hello, my name is Luana, and I'm a carboholic." 

A fellow TTC sister suggested I try training with her personal trainer. Other than being super recommend by a trusted friend, just one look at this trainer's Instagram and I was sold. This chick is flipping gorgeous and is super major bikini body goals. I knew I needed professional help to get me out of this performance slump. 

My first session with Barbara was just what I needed. She gave me the opportunity to discuss my goals. It's true what they say that your body is never quite the same after birth. I had a pretty cute little butt. I had a pretty flat tummy, I had some muscle definition. Those are simply no more. But I explained to her that my main priority was so get as healthy as possible for pregnancy. It goes without saying loosing Solomon affected me emotionally and physically, but it truly took a toll on my health. The main goal is to strengthen and train my heart to reduce the risk of recurring Pre-ecplamsia and tachycardia. Because I also had strong groin discomfort during my last trimester (I'm assuming because of the weight of my sweet Solomon), we are doing a lot of exercises to build all the muscles needed to carry my rainbow with no problemo.

One of the awesome things about Barbara is that she recognizes that nutrition is just as important as a consistent work out routine. She motivated me to start eating clean and I've been consistently prepping my veggies to take to work. It is hard to believe but I am so surprised at how much my diet has changed in the last month.

But my absolute favorite thing about training with Barbara is that she really listens to my needs. She holds my hand when I need it and pushes me when I need it. With only 10 session in the books, I can already see such a huge difference in my energy and endurance.

Heres a valuable recourse on Exercise and Pregnancy shared by a fellow loss mommy. Download it and save it! Very important for future mommas.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel confident I'll be stepping into another pregnancy with confidence in my body ๐Ÿ’ช. Rather than sitting home being sad, unhealthy, and just wishing I would be pregnant already, this is my "new" way of focusing all my TTC efforts in a positive way. I have a the big blood test coming up on the 1st that should give me the go ahead to TTC again next cycle! One has never been so excited to draw blood. June, where you at, bruh?